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We help UK companies hiring non-UK resident workers including EU nationals coming to the UK to obtain a valid sponsor licence.

Work Visas

Tier 2 work permit category forms a core component of the United Kingdoms’ points-based system for managed migration.

Investor Visas

UK Tier 1 investor visa is a long-term settlement visa for affluent foreigners who want to move to Great Britain.

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The need to secure employment permission for the right people to fill skilled jobs in industries around the world has led to a globally mobile workforce, which is often essential for the growth and profitability of the business.


The UK government is constantly changing immigration rules and regulations to attract certain skills and stem the flow of others. This ever-changing form of guidance and law has resulted in corporate immigration in the UK becoming extremely complex and, at times, ambiguous. The government has sought to emphasise self-regulation, but this has resulted in many businesses falling foul of the rules in place. The effects of this for many UK businesses are the inability to hire and retain skilled  staff from abroad, resulting in large government fines for non-compliance and negative publicity for the business.

Why Choose Us For Your Corporate Immigration Needs?


We are experts at providing custom immigration strategies and support that help Human Resource departments hire and retain the right people needed to grow their businesses, whilst mitigating the risks imposed by the constant changes to the immigration rules and associated guidance.

We can assist HR departments to:


  • Undertake preliminary work eligibility assessments
  • Hire and retain the staff needed to grow businesses
  • Minimise the risk of negative press and reputation damage
  • Reduce employment proceedings
  • Avoid criminal and civil penalties

UK Immigration Help & Advice


As specialist immigration law solicitors based in London, Greater Manchester and Nottingham, we bring in-depth understanding
and a holistic approach to our clients’ immigration cases.

Work we do In Corporate Immigration


The UK Government introduced a revised points-based immigration system from 1 January 2021, applicable to both European and non-European nationals alike. Employers will have to be approved for, and use, the visa sponsorship system for the vast majority of demand-driven hires from outside the UK. With the introduction of the new system, employers need to act now to ensure they have planned and are ready for the seismic changes to the UK business immigration system. Our expert immigration solicitors, will explain the changes, help your business prepare for them, and guide you through the whole process.


Being able to recruit from abroad is a business-critical issue for many employers who need to ensure their workforce has the necessary skills, experience, and depth of resource and talent.


Our business immigration specialists advise employers across many sectors including multinational organisations, educational establishments, NHS bodies and technology companies and start-ups. We also work with entrepreneurs, investors and high net worth individuals, bolstering the breadth of our experience and expertise.


All our immigration specialists are employment lawyers, meaning we advise seamlessly between any immigration and employment law matter.

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