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Divorce Solicitors

Specialist Divorce Lawyers


Filing for divorce is rarely an easy decision and it is vital that couples looking into a separation have the knowledgeable support of qualified legal professionals with the relevant experience. Here at Bray & Bray we have helped many couples (to end their marriage) and with an aim to have as little distress as possible on both sides.

We understand how difficult divorce can be, and the services that our divorce lawyers provide are sympathetic but professional – we’ll pursue the fastest solution available, allowing you and your partner to move on with your lives. For honest and straightforward advice on your divorce call our team of specialist family law and divorce lawyers at our offices in Leicester, Hinckley and Market Harborough to discuss your situation today.


How to file for divorce

Under English and Welsh law you can file for divorce based on one ground – the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage – which is split into five facts. These are:


• Adultery

Adultery is sexual intercourse between someone who is married and an individual of the opposite sex who is not their spouse.


 Unreasonable behaviour

Any behaviour on the part of an individual which means that it cannot be reasonably expected for their spouse to live with him or her. Covers a wide range of behaviour but not adultery.


• Two years of separation with the consent of your spouse

When a married couple have lived apart for two years, and both agree to the divorce.


• Five years of separation

When a married couple have lived apart for five years


• Two years of desertion

This is very rarely used and it must be proven that a spouse has deserted their partner for at least two years against their wishes and without reason.


Adultery and unreasonable behaviour are the two most commonly cited reasons for divorce, but whatever the reason behind your divorce, our experienced solicitors can help.


Divorce costs and fixed fee divorces

Financial worries about the cost of divorce only add to what is already a difficult time and this is why we offer competitively-priced fixed fee divorces in certain circumstances. To find out more speak to our family law solicitors in Leicester, Hinckley and Market Harborough today.


Contact our divorce solicitors

If you’re unsure about any aspect of family law relating to a marital breakdown, talk to us and we will be happy to provide legal advice. Our team of specialist divorce lawyers will handle every aspect of your divorce, and can help with the wider implications of your separation, including children and financial issues.

Contact us about your divorce today and our team will be happy to help. Our family lawyers are based at each of our twomain offices in Leicestershire. Contact us by calling or clicking on the link below or pop into one of our offices.

When a relationship comes to an end, it may often feel like there is a mountain to climb before you can reach closure. At Royce Legal, our aim is to always relieve any burdens you are carrying at this time by taking care of each and every aspect with an efficient, practical and understanding approach. When going thorugh a seperation, you need someone to listen, and to provide you with realistic, expert advice on an individual basis.

We offer specialist advice on:


Finances & Divorce
Our experts have extensive experience in dealing with pension and property splitting and in negotiating financial settlements.


Child Arrangements
We adopt a sensitive approach that is fully focused on minimising conflict and putting the needs of your children first.


Deeds of Separation
Where you prefer not to obtain a divorce immediately, but still wish to establish who should receive and take responsibility for what, we will prepare a Deed of Separation.


Family Law Court Representation

You can rely on our vast advocacy experience to support you in person should a court appearance become necessary.


So that you’re always clear on costs

Because our aim is to reduce your stress, we’ll always make sure that you feel reassured and have certainty when it comes to costs. Most uncontested divorces can be dealt with on a fixed fee basis, and for everything else we guarantee that you will always be as clear as possible on where you stand.

If you’re ready to chat to one of our friendly divorce specialists, they’re ready to hear from you. For a confidential discussion without obligation, please get in touch

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