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Family dispute and issues can cause acute distress and anxiety to all involved. Our sympathetic team of family law solicitors will assess your circumstances and provide guidance to ensure that you take the best course of action to resolve the situation.

Sensible solutions to difficult relationship problems

Whether your concerns relate to the residence (custody) of your child; cohabitation; separation; divorce; the ownership of the matrimonial home; or any other financial matters; we offer reliable and clear advice and will assist you through the entire process to a satisfactory resolution.



We offer a first interview free of charge. Our amily law solicitors in Nottingham and Rochdale offer high quality,
friendly and confidential advice on divorce and family law related questions

Child Residence & Contact

Our dedicated and committed team can assist and help you with all arrangements for your children when you divorce or separate.


We work hard to understand your circumstances, and offer advice that takes into account personal issues and any legal concerns  that you may have.


A separation agreement is useful for individuals who have decided to separate but do not meet any of the criteria to divorce immediately.p>

Domestic Violence

There are laws to protect you and your family from abuse, and we will advise you on the steps that need to be taken to protect you and your family.


We can help you in drawing up a cohabitation agreement which will set out your entitlement to property owned jointly or solely between you both as an unmarried couple.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can provide certainty and the means of protecting pre-marriage assets, inheritance, and existing family commitments such as children.



As a full service law firm, Royce Legal provides first class legal advice across a wide range of legal services to businesses, organisations and individuals throughout the UK.

Quality Services

Royce Legal represent clients throughout England and Wales, providing individual care and attention to every client through our team of experienced lawyers

Budget Friendly

Royce Legal offer many services on a fixed price basis and in all cases, will provide you with a breakdown of costs before any work is undertaken.

Valuable Ideas

Our aim is to help achieve the right outcome in each case. Often that means negotiating a settlement rather than battling through the courts.

Trusted to deliver

We offer a friendly service focused on you and your needs from the first point of contact and throughout our time working on your behalf.

Why Choose Royce Legal’s Family Law Team?


Our offices are centrally located in Nottingham and Rochdale. Our people are professional, friendly, approachable and work in a positive manner to provide quality legal advice.

You can be sure that we will always work with your best interests at heart. By working hard to achieve the best possible solution for you while at the same time we will always try to translate law into a language you can understand.

In your personal or business matters, we are fully committed to helping you bridge any challenges as we are good listeners.

  • Committed to finding the best solution for you and your family
  • Experienced, legals professionals, approachable and empathetic
  • Members of The Law Society
  • Sympathetic, client-focused solicitors
  • Nottingham and Rochdale based but operating throughout the UK
  • Competitive rates, with fixed fee options available

Family Law Services


We are specialist Family law solicitors based in Nottingham and Rochdale, Greater Manchester. If you need advice on: separation, divorce or dissolution, nuptial agreements, arrangements for children or the financial implications of family breakdown, we can help you.


For a confidential discussion about your case with one of our Team, please contact us here or call us on the following numbers: Nottingham Office 01157 210 202 / Rochdale Office 01706 655 592