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British Passport Application

The British passport is world’s most travelable passport offering visa free access to over 173 countries

The British passport is for British citizens and is proof of their identity and nationality. If you are a British citizen by birth or have become one by registration or naturalisation or by British Nationality law, you may apply for British passport at any time. The British passport is also a confirmation of your right to reside and work freely in the UK and in any other country in Europe to establish yourself as a worker, or in business, and to sponsor dependent family members.

Application for British Passport


Applications for the British passports are made to the UK government’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS) which is charged with the responsibility to maintain and issue passports. All applicants over the age of sixteen applying for a British passport for the first time have to attend an interview with the IPS to verify their identity. It may take upto 6 weeks for your passport application to be processed.

The Team at Royce Legal specialise in applications for British Passport and provide friendly, reliable and professional immigration advice and services ensuring your application meets all application rules and regulations.

British citizens require passports to exit and enter the UK and all other countries in the world. It is your responsibility to carry the correct identification while travelling abroad.
You are eligible for a passport if you are British by birth, descent, or naturalisation. This includes:

British Overseas Citizens: BOCs are individuals who live in British overseas territories have migrated to the UK from overseas territories, or who are descendants of BOCs.

British Protected Persons: BPPs are individuals born in a British Protected State or British Protectorate. Full citizenship may not be granted, but you qualify for a British passport.

British National Overseas: BNOs are granted to individuals with qualified links to Hong Kong.

British Overseas Territories Citizen: BOTCs are eligible for anyone who meets the current birth, residency, and ‘belonging’ to one of the qualified British Overseas Territories.

Yes, after you naturalise to Britain you may apply for your British passport. You will need to provide proof of naturalisation along with your application. Many naturalised citizens obtain their passport as soon as they obtain citizenship. The team at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors is here to help you fill out your application.

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