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Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is useful for individuals who have decided to separate but do not meet any of the criteria to divorce immediately.


The cost of a separation agreement depends on how much work is involved. If you have already reached an agreement together, making this official is relatively simple. On the other hand, if there are aspects of the proposed agreement that either party is unsure about there will need to be some negotiation to reach a fair deal for both.

Separation Agreement / Deed of Separation – Unmarried Couples

At the end of an unmarried relationship, we can draw up a Separation Agreement, also known as a Deed of Separation, to set out the financial arrangements after separation; which is then evidence of the resolution of those issues. This can be very helpful to create clarity and reduce any worry of any future claims, as the court does not usually get involved in formalising such arrangements unless there is a dispute about claims on assets; such as property in joint or single names.


Separation Agreement – Married Couples

The only fully binding document covering the finances at the end of a marriage is a Court Order, but the court can only make an Order (which can be an agreed Order or an Order following a disputed case) if a divorce has started. If you do not wish to start divorce proceedings straight away; for example, if you wish to separate first, then we can assist you in drawing up a formal agreement in relation to the finances of the marriage. This can then be converted into a Court Order once the divorce is in place.


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